Teach Abroad USA

The Teach Abroad USA Program

This is a cultural exchange program category of US Department of State. It allows teachers to work fulltime in a US school for up to 5 years with the same salary scale as US teachers.

The program provides foreign teachers the opportunity to;
* live and work in the USA legally for up to 5 years
* be paid on the same salary scale as US teachers
* be able to bring your dependents to USA as well and they can work/study too
* be a highly demanded global teacher

To participate, all eligible candidates must possess;
+ Education qualification equivalent to a USA bachelor’s degree (higher degree holders will be given preference)
+ Two years full-time teaching experience after date of Bachelor's Degree
+ Advanced proficiency in oral and written English
+ Satisfy the credential and certification requirements of the US State they will work.

Current openings are available in the following teaching fields;
** Primary School
** Mathematics
** Science
** Foreign Languages
** Special Education
** Art & Music